Ebco Kitchen Pantry Unit Lite

Kitchen Pantry Unit – Lite – Mechanism (KPUL-1-45M + KPUL SSB12)


  • Ideal for Pantry storage
  • Six Shelves on Cabinet & Six Shelves on Shutter
  • Left hand & right hand compatible
  • Frame has height adjustable
  • Basket Shelves are height adjustable

Product Description

Special Features

  • Ideal for Pantry Storage.
  • Ball Bearing Slides for Smooth Sliding.
  • Frame has height Adjustment.
  • Basket Shelves are Height Adjustable.
  • Six Shelves on Cabinet & Six Shelves on Shutter.
  • Left hand & Right hand Compatible.
  • Baskets Manufactured out of SS 304 & Electro-Polished.
  • Baskets Available in two options i.e. with Phenolic Base or Wire Base.
  • Ideal for 450mm Width Cabinets, Use two Pantry Units for 900mm
  • Max. Load Capacity : Cabinet Baskets – 7 Kgs & Shutter Baskets – 4 Kgs.
Specifications :
Item Code No’s Cabinet Internal Dimensions (mm)
Width Depth Height
Kitchen Pantry Unit – Lite (Mechanism) KPUL-1-45M 450 min 560 min 1715 to 2190
SS 304 Baskets 6 +6 for Kitchen Pantry Unit KPUL-SSB12


Fitting Instructions :
  1. Fix the Upper Guide to the Bottom Face of the top panel for dimensions refer Fig. 1.
  2. Mark the Ball Cage Slides hole positions on to the top face of bottom panel for Dimensions refer Fig. 2.
  3. Screw the Inner Slide of the Ball Cage Slide with the L – Bracket through the slots in the Ball Cage Slides as shown in Fig. 3.
  4. Screw the Main Frame assembled with Height Adjustment Bracket onto the L – Bracket as shown in Fig. 4.
  5. Screw the Assembly onto the Cabinet as shown in Fig. 5.
  6. Screw the Upper Guide to the Cabinet as shown in Fig. 6.
  7. Loosen the M6 Screw & Lift the Height Adjustment Bracket to engage with the Upper Guide & then Tighten the M6 Screw as shown in Fig. 6.
  8. Slide & cover the Ball Cage Slides with Protective Covers as shown in Fig. 7.
  9. Fit the Shutter Brackets onto the shutter for Dimensions refer Fig. 8.
  10. Fit both the Connecting Links to the Main Frame & Shutter Bracket as shown in Fig. 9.
  11. Hang the Cabinet baskets to the Slots Provided in the Cabinet Frame & Shutter Baskets to the Shutter Bracket Slots at Desired Heights.



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